A&T Brake Supply

             N. 4724 Market Street - Spokane, WA 99217                                (509) 487-1405

A&T Brake Supply offers quality brake parts for most makes and models of automobiles and light to medium-duty pickups and trucks. We sell new and rebuilt calipers, new and used brake drums and rotors, brake master cylinders, brake lines and springs, and maintain an extensive stock of hard-to-find brake parts for older model American cars.  A&T Brake also offers quality brake drum and rotor resurfacing and machining services, at economical rates. Expert caliper rebuilding service is also available.

If your current drums or rotors are still within spec for resurfacing, why pay for new when you don't need to yet? Correct resurfacing matched with optimal brake pads for your vehicle can help you get many more miles out of your existing brake drums and rotors. We can also recommend reliable local shops for your brake installation work.

Restoring a classic car? Call Dave for expert advice on sourcing parts or to arrange caliper and master cylinder rebuilds, or for help and advice on locating substitute brake parts and systems. A&T also stocks a number of hard-to-find NOS (new old stock) brake system parts, rebuild kits, springs, etc. These can be absolute lifesavers during a restoration project! 

A&T Brake is easy to reach from all parts of Spokane and the Spokane Valley, with easily accessible on-street parking. Please stop by or give us a call at (509) 487-1405,  Monday through Thursday, 9 to 5.  Thanks, and we look forward to being of help!

A&T Brake Supply
N. 4724 Market St
Spokane, WA  99217

Open Monday - Thursday - 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM PST

=======(Closed on Fridays)=======

Pickup and Delivery to Commercial Customers Available
Brake Drums & Rotors Turned with Same Day Service
High-quality Caliper Rebuilding Service
Expert Master Cylinder Rebuilding Service
Used Brake Drums, Rotors and Rebuilt Calipers in Stock for many Models
Caliper Rebuilding Kits Available
Master Cylinder Rebuilding Kits Available
Your source for Hard-to-find Vintage and Classic Brake Parts!